Free Online Advertising For Small Businesses

You can get access to free advertising by building your social capital on YuSocial.

If you have been wondering how you can get some free online advertising for your business, then you should read this to the end.


NG Adverts is giving out free advertising credits to YuSocialites with enough Social Capital (YuSocial Points).


To get your free advertising credit, follow the guide below:


1. Create Your YuSocial Group Page For Your Business


YuSocial Groups is a great place to create a following for your business and update your fans on things going on with your business. For a detailed guide on how to create a Yusocial Group page and Discussions, go through this -


2. Invite Your Fans Friends To Join Your Group


Once you have created your group page, copy your link and share on other social platforms you are already on. You will need to have at least 10 fans on your group page to qualify to get your free advertising credit.


3. Apply For Your Free Advertising Credit


Once you have done steps 1 and 2 above, you should now visit NG Adverts and create your Advertiser account.


Once you have gotten your NG Adverts username after registering, return back to our NG Adverts Yusocial group page wall and make a post providing us your:


a.YuSocial Group page link and


b. Your NG Adverts username


Once our suppprt team certifies that all is in order, your NG Adverts account will be credited with advertising credit which you can use to promote all you do on all the sites on the NG Adverts network.


To get more free advertising credit, stay active on YuSocial, earn more points which you can convert to NG Adverts free online advertising credit.


If you've got any question, do feel free to ask it below.

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