Warning: Always Chew Thoroughly before Swallowing

A warning by a concerned man to other Nigerians especially those who are in the habit of eating out of there homes. His warning may just save your life or the life of a loved one so don't ignore it.



A Nigerian named Willie Nwokoye, have warned people especially those in the habit of eating out, to ensure that the chew the food in their mouth thoroughly before swallowing.


Nwokoye gave the warning after he had a near life threatening experience at a function he attended.


Here is what he had to say:


"I'm still fretting. Licking a nice plate of egusi soup at a burial. No fish. Only chunks of beef. Scooped a spoonful, mainly vegetable and undissolved egusi. Naturally chewed lightly and tongue-rolled to swallow. And click. I gradually picked it off. And it was this hook! 


"Lesson: Please eat out but chew down properly. Scrutinize every mouthful with your tongue. Something very deadly like this can sneak through public cooking. And find its way into your plate."


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